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Danny Touw

Danny is inspired by the winter landscapes in the Swiss and French Alps. He works with and combines different media such as acrylics on canvas, aquarelle and ink on paper, and fully digital paintings.

Danny grew up in the Netherlands where he painted, photographed and studied technology. After 30 years working and living around the world

he and his wife now call the Swiss Alps and the Mediterranean island of Crete home. Many of the inspiration for his paintings start from these wonderful and different places.

He draws inspiration from his everyday environment with a focus on composition through shapes, tonal values and colours. His inspiration starts from the impressionists, and continues all the way to many contemporary artists.

He hasn’t yet concluded on his own style, and is unlikely to ever will. He likes to try out new styles also by using different media. Some of his works converge as we have curated here.   

For the Chalet Art Store we’ve selected his digitally painted works all inspired by the winter landscapes of the Swiss and French Alps, printed beautifully on special art paper.

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