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Sam Gare

Sam is a self-taught artist whose work focuses on wild mountainous landscapes and giant
geological features that have fascinated us for centuries. Whether you view
these giants through binoculars, read or listen to their stories or love to
physically be upon them, Sam explores how they call to us all.

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She is particularly interested in the different ways we engage with natural spaces and the feeling of smallness they induce. For her this smallness gives a
perspective on life that she describes as a ‘beautiful insignificance’. What
can feel immense in your day-to-day life can be washed away by time in nature
and space.

Sam has a lifelong love of nature, and she is represented by three galleries across the
UK. She is co-founder of the Wilderness Art Collective, a group of multi-disciplinary creatives whose work is inspired by the natural world, and an ambassador for the Wilderness Foundation, UK.

Sam has family in the Lake District and spends a lot of time in Scotland, a place close to her heart. She is currently embarking on the next stage of her practice, relocating to a
sensitively built studio and engagement space on the periphery of the wild
North Harris Hills in the Outer Hebrides.

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