Steph Fonteyn

Expressive abstract mountains, ski slopes and snowscapes are the source of inspiration for
Swiss-based artist Steph Fonteyn. Fascinated with the theme of courage and perseverance
in times of challenge, ambiguity or adversity, the internationally exhibited artist uses
mountains as a visual metaphor to explore the spirit of the adventurer and inspire your inner
mountain warrior on and off the slopes.

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Steph Fonteyn is a self-taught, internationally exhibited artist with an innate need to create.
She started exhibiting in Switzerland in 2005 and has never looked back. In addition to
creating her own paintings, Steph taps into other people’s talents through Collaborative
ArtTM. This arts-based team-building service turns an organisation’s vision or values into a
masterpiece, starting with a blank canvas. The creative experience takes business
professionals outside their comfort zones and encourages them to think outside the box to
embrace uncomfortable situations.

Steph Fonteyn is passionate about visual communication and stepping out of her comfort
zone to grow inside and outside the art studio. In 2015, she shared the inspiring story of an
artist’s leap of faith at TEDxZurichWomen. Since then, she’s been an active advocate of
creativity, curiosity and courage as a keynote speaker and was named the Champion of
Public Speaking in Swiss Romande and second place in Southern Europe in 2021 by
Toastmasters International with her award-winning speech “Creativity & Co”.

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