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Adrianna Muffat Jeandet Wojcik - Discerner l’invisible, 2016


Original painting on wood

Acrylic, charcoal & gold leaf on wood
Artwork size W30 x H40cm
Signed by artist,
Sent with a certificate of authenticity.
Ships in a box from France

The artworks in the room photo are not to exact scale.

This artist is available for commissions. 


About Artist

Adrianna Muffat Jeandet Wojcik is a visual artist, born in 1975, in Poland. She moved to France with her parents in 1980. In 1999, she graduated as a psychologist from the University of Grenoble. At the same time, she followed the fine arts courses in Grenoble, Annecy and Le Genevois; and attended the studios of several artists in Switzerland and France.

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She has lived in front of Mont Blanc for over 20 years and her workshop is located in Megève. She considers the mountain to be part of her identity and it is one of her main sources of inspiration. She contemplates Mount Blanc from her studio window; the mountain fascinates her. A mountain par excellence, a forbidden place, a promise or a refuge, Mont Blanc represents strong symbolism which Adrianna portrays through her works.

“My representation of the landscape stems from my photographic shots. It is in this back and forth between my unconscious, my inner visions, my photographs and my memories of glimpsed landscapes that I draw my inspiration. I express through painting my emotions and feelings in front of the panorama that surrounds me, but I also wonder about the future of the mountain and its evolution.”

The landscape can sometimes become a pretext. This is an entry to cover other topics. The landscape by definition always depends on an observer, therefore a point of view."All of Adrianna Wojcik Muffat Jeandet's images attempt, in their hybridization of the figurative and the abstract, the impressive and the expressive, to capture a thought at its unconscious source."

Jean Paul Gavard Perret. Poet, critic and lecturer.“

The element which makes it its singular quality is probably located around the interstice located between the appearance / disappearance, the banal / extraordinary, the trivial / sublimated, an indeterminate and invisible zone that the artist seeks to bring out and which provokes in the viewer a form of unstable balance, of indecision about what he thinks he sees and feels”.

Frédéric Elkaïm - Art advisor, coordinator for the Cercle Menus Plaisirs in Geneva.

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