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Thomas Crauwels - Dents de Morcles


Limited Edition Photographic Print

Photograph of the Dents de Morcles in Portes du Soleil. View of the summit hidden behind some cloud in a golden autumnal hue.




Limited Edition of:

  • 50 x 75 cm - 10 prints
  • 60 x 90 cm - 10 prints
  • 70 x 105 cm - 10 prints
  • 80 x 120 cm - 7 prints
  • 90 x 135 cm - 7 prints
  • 100 x 150 cm - 5 prints
  • 120 x 180 cm - 3 prints
  • 150 x 225 cm - 3 prints

Black & white photo on fine art paper framed and ready to hang
Format 2:3
Comes with a certificate of authenticity
Signed by artist
Shipped in a box from France

The photographer can alter the colours to make the images darker, more luminous or with a monochrome tint to match the walls of your chalet. You choose the image you love, then we can adapt it to your needs.

Photos in situ are not to exact scale.  

Framing Options 

1. Contemporary

Paper print supported on 3mm aluminium Dibond. An aluminium frame is affixed to the back of the print to ensure the rigidity of the print and to allow the picture to be hung on the wall. All prints are protected by a mat laminate layer. (It can be made without this layer on request.)

The aluminium frame/backing, which is invisible to the eye, creates a space between the photo and the wall, giving the illusion it's floating. 

This frame fits into all types of interiors and evokes a clean look. 

 2. Prestance

 Paper print supported on aluminium with protective mat laminate layer as above. The photo is then inserted into a thin American anodised aluminium box 2cm thick. Made from high quality materials, this frame elegantly emphasises the photo and protects them during handling. 

A space of 1cm is left between the inner edge of frame and print which gives the impression the print is floating in the frame. This space can be reduced or increased by request. We recommend this framing up to the dimensions of 100 x 150cm because for larger dimensions the frame looks too thin. 

This frame is available in oak or in black, silver or white aluminium. You will automatically receive a black frame unless otherwise requested.  

    About Artist

    A photographer passionate about the high summits of the Swiss and French Alps, Thomas has specialised, since 2010, in the creation of black and white mountain images. Through his excursions and exhibitions, he has become one of the major artists of the contemporary alpine world. Through his works, he conveys his fascination for the world of mineral and ice that is the high mountains.

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    The Alps, and the mountains in general, have the ability to change face almost every moment, sometimes generous, sometimes threatening, but always majestic and he wishes to highlight mountain photography in all its artistic aspects.

    Each of his ascents to these incredible summits is designed to take a very specific shot, taken at the right time, with the right light, the right framing and the right settings. Not at all attached to the figurative aspect, he enhances their allure with particular atmospheres, textures and light on their magical summits to reveal the beauty of the Alps to the general public. Through the meeting of mineral and sky, also taking into account the meteorological factor, his pictures allow him to express deep emotions, the ones that inhabit him when he contemplates these summits.

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