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Valerie Betoulaud -Les Skieurs Jaune


Limited edition unframed screen print

Acrylic paint and screen print on fine art paper
Traditional screen printing method hand executed in the artist's studio
Limited edition of 10
Artwork size is 50 x 70cm
Signed and numbered by artist with a certificate of authenticity

Shipped in a box from France


The photos in situ are not to exact scale.


These are sold by the artist unframed but if you would like help or advise on framing just get in contact.


About Artist

Valerie Betoulaud is a French artist based in Paris. She graduated in visual communication of applied arts and started her career as artistic director in communication, then freelance graphic designer and illustrator, for the press, publishing, graphic design agencies and textile publishing.

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Today she is working on a more personal graphic exploration in ink, and acrylic paint and in traditional silkscreen printing. In recent years she has been displaying her work in contemporary art fairs and several galleries such as Isabelle Laverny Gallery in Paris, Mondapart Gallery in Boulogne-Billancourt and Gallery 1809 in Marseille.

“From forgotten photos, witnesses of anonymous life, I let myself be guided by these fragments of memory, moments of shared happiness, by the water, under the summer sun or in the nature of winter. My screen printing work allows me to work on contrasts of shadow and light as well as bright colour on images that have passed through time. I work in drawing the characters on my photos of nature.”

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